E3 2021 Indie Showcase

E3 2021 Indie Showcase

E3 themselves put on a small 20 minute stream with a few indie games to highlight separate from the barrage of other indies we’ve seen across Wholesome, Day of the Devs and others. Fairly certain most of these games were exclusive to this conference and not shown anywhere else, so definitely worth checking out.


A third person paper plane flying game. Looks pretty chill, and quite pretty.

Out August 6th 2021.

Three Games from new publisher Hooded Horse

Falling Frontier – A space RTS. Cool 2D space battles, ship customization and an impressive amount of detail.

Alliance of the Sacred Suns – A space/feudal period(?) 4X. Take control of a space empire, unite factions and protect your dominion. Seems like a cool setting.

Terra Invicta – A space grand strategy game. Take control of one of 7 human factions, expand out into the galaxy and push your own ideological supremacy.

All 3 of these space games look really cool and clever, and also games you could easily pour hundreds of hours into. All are due out this year.

Fallen Aces

Take on the Mafia in this first-person Noir brawler with a cell-shaded art style. Coming Soon.


A colourful VR multiplayer shooter with wacky abilities and guns. Coming within the next few months.

Toy Soldiers Remastered

A single-player tower defence / strategic multiplayer mayhem battler. Set your units and buildings, then jump into 3rd person and chaos ensues. New levels included alongside all original DLC. Coming August 2021.

Moo Lander

A 2D sidescrolling adventure that’s like a platformer crossed with Gradius. Coming Autumn 2022.

B.ARK: Bio-Interstellar Ark

An actual Gradius style game with cute pets in spaceships. Coming 2021.

Tunguska: The Visitation

A top-down isometric survive-a-craft-explore-and-shoot game. “Made by a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan”. Looks very much like one of those “a bit rough around the edges because it was made by one person, by a potential hidden gem” type experiences. Out now on Steam. 

Neko Ghost, Jump!

Play as a cat in this adventure where you can swap between a 2D and 3D plane for platforming and puzzles. Looks like an indie Mario game. Coming Soon.


A wacky 2D platformer / Galactica style game where you fight for your right to play… football? The game’s Infinite mode is available now in early access, with a campaign still in development.

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