A Big Week On The PGA 2K Tour

A Big Week On The PGA 2K Tour

It is no secret to P2 regulars that I am a big fan of the former Golf Club, now PGA 2K franchise. Golf games have been apart of my gaming history since my youngest days and the latest title PGA 2K21 has shown that there is still life left in the virtual renditions of the sport. But 2K aren’t resting on their laurels. No, it is full steam ahead in adding improvements and new features to the franchise before the next edition hits our consoles.

First up a new mode was added called Derby Divot. This mode is a 20 player race to the hole, with frantic multiplayer action the order of the day. Frantic multiplayer usually doesn’t go in the same sentence as Golf but it is totally appropriate in this instance. Check out the trailer to see what I mean.

But perhaps the biggest PGA 2K news this week is the fact that one of the greatest (if not the greatest) golfers of all time is making his return to Video Games. That’s right, Tiger Woods is back. 2K have struck a deal to include Tiger’s likeness in the game, the first time that has happened since the EA Sports Tiger Woods Golf Days. It is unclear if he is coming to PGA 2K21 or if he will be the headliner for the next edition of the game, but it is good to have the master back.

So there you have it. PGA just keeps on growing and I must say it warms my golf-loving heart to see so much care and respect given to a golf title. PGA 2K21 is available on Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC right now.

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