VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 – A Month Down, A Lifetime to Go

VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 – A Month Down, A Lifetime to Go

 Day 1Day 7Day 14Day 21Day 28Day 31
Weight (KG)149.2148.5147.8146.8146.0145.5
Waist (cm)139136134130128127
Upper Thigh (cm)737173706865
Chest (cm)135132129127125125
Bicep (cm)444244434141
Resting Heart Rate (BPM)767978727171

So we are at the first major milestone of my journey. One month into a healthier, fitter me. Doing 30 minutes of VR workouts a day and just being a bit more careful with what I am eating has lead to some great results. 3.7 Kilos, 12cm from my waist, 10 cm from my chest, 3 cm from my bicep and 8 cm from my thigh… all gone. It is hard to argue that this is a bad result. It wasn’t quite as dramatic as the previous VR challenge but as I said before, I wanted to do this in a sustainable way and not miss out on those things that make life just a little bit sweeter. Finding the middle ground is the key I feel and I think I have achieved that nicely.

I have also made some more lifestyle changes. Whenever possible I am walking to the shops instead of driving. It is only about a 2.5km round trip but it is better than nothing. I have also moved to using a standing desk at work. I have found this has helped me with my stiff back as well as giving my legs just that little bit extra to do each day, encouraging my body to get a little healthier in the process. Once again, a small thing but small things add up.

So where to now? Well as I promised at the start, this is for 6 months, I intended to keep on going, doing VR, eating well most of the time and cutting back on the booze a little. I want to get into the 120KGs for my 40th birthday in August. I am on track but there is no doubt there are some hard yards ahead. I will be checking in once a month from now on, with photos, new app descriptions and general info on how I am going and hopefully, I can convince a few other P2 writers to try out some video game fitness and report in too. Whatever the case may be, wish me luck and know that if you are looking to get in better shape than there are plenty of worse ways than diving into VR.


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