Player 2 Plays – Cyberpunk 2077 [SPOILERS]

Player 2 Plays – Cyberpunk 2077 [SPOILERS]

**SPOILER WARNING** Ken is quite early in the game, and did not expect certain plot-related events to happen as quickly as they did. So here are some SPOILER WARNINGS. Everything that is campaign-related happens from 0:51:00 onwards. Everything before then are minor spoilers, just side quests. **SPOILER WARNING** When you’re just a kid on the streets of Night City, there’s only a few ways to climb out of the muck. Very often, those ways involve cracked skulls and bullet holes. And if you’re lucky, you won’t be on the receiving end of either. Ken dives into the world of Cyberpunk 2077, trying to make a mark, stake his claim. Will he go out in a blaze of glory? Or find that nice, peaceful slice of life?

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