Player 2 Vs The PS5 September Showcase

Player 2 Vs The PS5 September Showcase

Another big reveal showcase and another chance for Paul and Matt to get the boxing gloves on and go a few rounds. This time the focus is on the PS5 and it’s reveal event from the pre-breakfast hours of this morning. There is quite a bit to get through here so without any further ado…

Final Fantasy XVI

Matt: I am going to preface this by saying I refuse to get excited about a FF reveal. I am sorry Square Enix, but you have burned that bridge with me. I will save my excitement for when I am sure the game is actually coming out this decade. That being said, it looked quite good, some Witcher/European influences in the setting along some interesting beasties means this looks to be quite the unique entry in the franchise. I look forward to playing it in 2024

Paul: I hadn’t ruled out seeing Final Fantasy XVI, what with the long-standing PlayStation association that’s built since the launch of VII in 1997. 9 core entries on, and a million spin-offs and the partnership between PlayStation and the IP had changed somewhat with XIII and XV going multiplatform and even the old games getting remasters on Switch and Xbox. It seems the needle has tipped back PlayStation’s way though with XVI announced and exclusive to PS5 (and PC). The game is looking sensational, it evokes a lot of XV, but had a tone and narrative that seems, at surface value, far more appealing to me. What interests me the most is the fact that the game is helmed by folk responsible for Final Fantasy XIV (The MMO), so what they can bring to the game interests me enormously.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Matt: Superheroes and bridges should just not mix. It always leads to trouble and this trailer was no exception. Graphically this looked great, I don’t think puddles are going to be a problem this time around. I am down for more Spider-Man and this looks to be exactly that. I did have to laugh about the fact that Sony stated they were leaving the PS4 behind and then confirmed that This, along with Sackboy and Horizon II are all coming to PS4. Good news though for folks who can’t get a new PS5 until sometime next year. 

Paul: I’d been waiting for a good hunk of Miles Morales and was growing incredibly confused given the bulk amounts of Ratchet we’d gotten so far. Finally though, Insomniac’s more immediate release is getting the showing it needed, and I was very much taken by what I saw. As Matt said, superheroes and bridges don’t mix (something reiterated by Marvel’s Avengers recently), but the action looks to be as thrilling as it was in 2018. Miles’ skillset will be an interesting addition to the formula and I’m keen to get my hands on it. I’m a bit torn on the current-gen versions though of Spidey, Horizon and Sackboy. On one hand I’m thrilled that those not getting a PS5 can play the game, on the other, it does diminish the incentive to buy the console somewhat. I’ll love them all no doubt, and won’t regret the purchase, and don’t begrudge Sony for making the call they did, it’s just a weird personal thing here I guess.

Hogwarts Legacy

Matt: This looks like a great adventure/RPG that has unfortunately been tarnished by JK Rowling’s continued desire to be an absolute oxygen thief. I feel so sorry for the developers who have had their big moment ruined by the franchise creator’s horrible behaviour. Gameplay-wise though, it is easily looking like the best Harry Potter game ever made…though now I think of it, that isn’t saying much. 

Paul: A lot of people, understandably, have been up in arms because of the JK Rowling stuff that has been going on, but while I agree with the general consensus that she’s a moron, I’m not going to focus on that because there’s hundreds, maybe even thousands who are working on this game and that work should not be discarded based upon the idiocy of the person at the top of the tree. I really enjoyed what we saw of the game, and while there wasn’t a lot of gameplay here, it was a fantastic set-up for what we are going to get. My wife has already demanded we get a second PS5 so that she can play this without me spoiling the party, so this game has become a very expensive one for me!

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Matt: HD Definition COD BLOPING ahoy. I enjoy the COD games, but I find them hard to get excited about anymore. This one does look great with some cool setpieces and face stabbing action on show. But really it is the type of game that doesn’t need the hype train anymore and people know already if they are going to grab it. 

Paul: I’d never really liked COD that much. More or less for the reasons that many critique the franchise, it’s samey and not evolving all that much. I did however try out 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot because one of the few I did play was 2007’s original Modern Warfare and I was curious to see what had changed. Turns out the franchise has really come a long way in 12 years, and I’m quietly interested in seeing how Black Ops has progressed too. I’m not running out and slapping money on this one, but I’m keen to see more ahead of the launch, and then, who knows after that?

Resident Evil VIII: Village

Matt: Capcom are on such a roll at the moment and nothing in this trailer indicates that roll is slowing down. Graphically it looks stunning in a “wet-your-pants-with-fear” way and the gameplay looks like a direct continuation of the excellent Resident Evil VII. I wonder if the collector’s edition will come with a new pair of undies? 

Paul: Thanks to the awful editor of this website (ahem ^) I’ve become a Resident Evil convert in recent years. From the moment he needed me to take on RE7 for review, my tone toward the franchise has completely changed and I’ve gone on to adore RE2 remake and (to a slightly lesser extent) RE3 this year, both of which he made me review I might add, thanks for tossing me in the deep end boss. Capcom can’t seem to miss a beat at the moment because RE8 is looking equally great, the setting is cool and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

Death Loop

Matt: Blacksploitation crossed with Dishonored and then sped up. Death Loop looks like it could be exactly my type of thing. I am still not sure how the campaign will shake out but I am excited to find out. If I am honest though it looks like the sort of thing I will play on the PC, just because of the quick movements and gunplay. 

Paul: Death Loop, while not 100% up my alley, looks undeniably cool. It’s got a great style, and looks mechanically sound, I just don’t know if the loop (pun intended) is something that is going to stick with me.

Devil May Cry V: Special Edition

Matt: I do love some DMC crazy antics but I am not sure I need to play it again. If this was a free upgrade I would be pumped but sadly that isn’t the case. 

Paul: I’m still in the process of catching up on the franchise. I’ve played 1, 2 and I’m halfway through 3 before my progress was halted by the glut of awesome 2020 titles to come out in Q1/2. As such, it’ll still be a while before I get to DMC V, and I’m not sure that there’s enough here, especially since it seems this isn’t a free upgrade, to justify me picking up this Special Edition. A rare Capcom miss in recent years, but they could yet prove me wrong.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Matt: Story-wise, I am still not quite sure if this is a reboot, retelling or an all-new adventure. Regardless, nothing on the planet is quite like an Oddworld title. This is almost certainly a cult hit in the making. 

Paul: Lorne Lanning you crazy SOB, I love you! Soulstorm is looking great, and while this latest trailer did drop the scope of the title somewhat, bringing it back to its more traditional roots (something I probably should’ve expected anyway), it’s still looking like a game I want in my life ASAP. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Matt: I have never played a Freddy’s game, I am not sure anyone I know has either. I am still not actually sure what you do in them. This franchise is an odd phenomenon. 

Paul: Not interested, not for me, not worth my time. PASS

Demon’s Souls

Matt: This is really not the game for me, which I have well and truly established by now. It is however a game for many people and it looks stunning. A great get for the launch lineup for sure. 

Paul: I can’t crack the Souls egg, and whilst it might be tempting to me to go back to square one and try again with Demon’s Souls, I can only see things ending the same way they always do – with me curled up on the couch sobbing. Bluepoint, this isn’t the remake I wanted of you, you were the chosen ones!

God of War: Ragnorak

Matt: They said 2021, but based on Sony’s past this one ain’t coming until 2022. Either way it is a day one purchase for me and I have no doubt it will be a corker. 

Paul: Sony gave us little to dwell on with this, but my hype radar has exploded off the charts thanks to this teaser. The 2021 release tells us one of two things, either Horizon is coming far earlier in 2021 than we’d expected, or they’re being overly ambitious, slapping a 2021 on it. I’d wager this slides to 2022 while Horizon drops in the prime 2021 Q3 slot. 

PS+ Collection

Matt: A nice addition to your Plus subscription, especially if you somehow missed the PS4. Not an answer to Gamepass but a nice addition all the same. There should be something for everyone there and hopefully more games are added over time. 

Paul: While this addition to PS+ doesn’t speak to me much right now, I’m not sure there was a game mentioned that I don’t already own, it’s one that I hope will become more prominent in time and begins to build into a Sony equivalent of Gamepass. Time will tell, but it’s a positive start. Hopefully this announcement isn’t a product of a lesser backwards compatibility situation than we first thought.

Price and Preorders

Matt: I am actually pretty happy with the pricing. I had a strong worry that Sony were going to be more expensive than Xbox, but I am glad they aren’t. The Pre-orders were an absolute shit show though and it was only dumb luck that I got one down. Sony did no one a favour by just dropping it out of the blue, something they promised they wouldn’t do. 

Paul: While Sony were never going to be able to match the pricing of the Series S, they did have a golden opportunity to undercut the Series X, and they took full advantage of that with the pricing of both the physical and digital versions of the PS5. Matching the Series X for the physical version was a good start, and then to tempt people into the top end of the next-gen with a softer price on the digital version was the winning stroke. PlayStation have priced themselves into a great position here, that is supported by an awesome catalog of titles backing the console.

Final Thoughts

Matt: There is a lot to like here, some cracking titles and a few surprises to boot. I am still a little annoyed about the fact we don’t have concrete info about backwards compatibility and looking at Australian pricing for games it looks like the Aus Tax is back in force. But overall Sony looks to be in for another strong generation. I just hope that you managed to get your hands on one if you want it at launch, otherwise it could be a long wait. 

Paul: Sony continues to win the war in the AAA space, and further consolidated this lead with their showing today. They held off for Xbox to go first on price and that has paid dividends with the very approachable cost of the Digital version and the Series X matching price of the Physical version. The line-up looks great, there’s more to come, and of course the many games that were revealed during the first PS5 event like Sackboy, Kena, Ratchet and more are all lining up ready to go as well. Well done Sony, you’re well on your way towards another successful generation.

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