MX vs ATV All Out tears up the Switch

MX vs ATV All Out tears up the Switch

Love to shred dirt paths, taking the holeshot, throwing a whip or giving someone a good roostering?  If you know what the hell I am talking about then I have just the game to take you out of the lockdown funk and release your inner adrenaline junkie with MX vs ATV All Out now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Whether you want to experience Supercross, Opencross, Freestyle competition and more there is plenty of off-road shenanigans to explore and master, making use of bikes, ATV’s and UTV’s to find your own riding style and building your collection of rides.

Players will also be able to take on others in local split-screen or take on riders from around the world with online multiplayer, allowing you to show off and prove your as good as you say you are.

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