Damsel Finally Slays Vamps on PS4

Damsel Finally Slays Vamps on PS4

Queensland based Aussie’s Screwtape Studios have some good news today with the announcement that vampire-slaying Arcade Platformer Damsel is making its way to the PlayStation 4, and it is coming in just a few days time.

Having previously released on PC and Nintendo Switch, Damsel provides small bite-sized levels that provide enough challenge that people may feel the urge to throw their controller.  In her review for Player 2 Hope said Damsel was “Fast, challenging and addictive, Damsel delivers Arcade Platforming with both style and substance.”  If you want to check out some gameplay feel free to have a look at our Player 2 Plays, where Hewso takes on some vampires with a shotgun.

For those keen on sinking their teeth into Damsel, look for it on the PlayStation Store from October 1st.

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