WWE Battlegrounds Brings A Range of Ways to Smackdown Your Opponent

WWE Battlegrounds Brings A Range of Ways to Smackdown Your Opponent

You may know that some of the team at Player 2 are excited about the upcoming release of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, especially since we found out that The Rock will be part of a roster of fan favourites who you’ll be able to take on in this arcade brawler. Sorry to disappoint you all, I don’t have a whole list of The Rock puns to give you to accompany this new 2K Battlegrounds info, but I do have some facts about some of the modes this star-studded title has to offer. 

Campaign Mode: This is where the narrative action happens. Play as one of seven newly created Superstars, like Jessica Johnson and Bolo Reynolds, and team up with favourites like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paul Heyman, as you travel the world in search of new members for a stable of WWE Superstars for your new brand. Here the focus will be battling and unlocking WWE Superstars, power-ups and items to achieve campaign goals and build up your roster of champions. 

Exhibition Mode: A multiplayer mode that allows you to brawl against friends and family, online or on the couch, in a bunch of different match types,  including One-on-One, Tag Team, Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, Steel Cage Match, and Royal Rumble. This is, presumably, the mode you use to decide who in your family reigns supreme.

King of the Battleground Mode: You’ve beaten your family, now you can take on the world. In this Last One Standing mode, your goal is to stay in the ring longer than your seven online opponents, and the longer you stay there the better your score. The twist: when you throw someone out, another Superstar will replace them, so you’d better be ready to outlast a whole bunch of opponents.

Online Tournament Mode: Where you’ll find a variety of time-limited tournaments to participate in, each with a range of win conditions. A Battlegrounds tournament could drop at any time, so make sure you’re watching that space. 

Battleground Challenge Mode: Started from the bottom, now you’re… not gonna be at the bottom anymore, I guess? This mode is all about brawling your way to the top, by creating your own WWE Superstar and fighting against all odds to become a champion. 

If you want more info on the game, which is due for release on September 19, head over to the website. And if you haven’t seen the trailer, which features a whole bunch of solid-looking people jumping out of helicopters, you can see that here

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