Rocksteady’s New Project Revealed At Last

Rocksteady’s New Project Revealed At Last

Rumours and speculation about the future of Rocksteady Studios have been mounting in the years following the release of their most recent title, Batman: Arkham VR, but in a tweet designed to promote the upcoming DC FanDome event on August 22nd, the developer has pulled back the curtain on their newest title, a Suicide Squad game.

This confirms a host of rumours and speculation that came to a head in June when the domains and were registered, and quickly discovered by eagle-eyed fans on ResetEra. Now, with this official confirmation, it makes the title Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League seem all the more likely. Now if only WB Montreal would announce their long rumoured Batman game, purportedly called Batman: Gotham Knights, and the circle can finally be complete.

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