Australia Puts The Clamps On MicroTransactions

Australia Puts The Clamps On MicroTransactions

In many countries around the world, the conversation as been bubbling along feverishly about the impact that microtransactions are having on games, not to mention the gamers that consume those games. Well, today the Australian Ratings Board have ruled that if you’re publishing a game with in-game purchases in Australia, then that must be declared in plain sight to successfully hit shelves. Though no official word has come out, thanks to eagle-eyed Reddit users, it’s been revealed that games submitted for rating from May onwards have been forced to disclose the presence of in-game purchases, highlighted by their rating tag on their boxart.

[deleted by user]
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As you can see in the Reddit post above, Marvel’s Avengers, as well as a few of EA’s and 2K’s annual sporting entries have all come out the other end of this process, the presence of microtransactions now apparent in their rating. The below image gives us a glimpse into what we can expect when The Avenger’s launches in a few short weeks.

Will this news have any impact on the proliferation of Microtransactions in video games? Not likely, but it is good to see that developers and publishers now need to be more up-front about them before a game has been purchased.

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