Fantasy Strike Goes F2P

Fantasy Strike Goes F2P

Fantasy Strike, the fighting game from David Sirlin, the lead designer on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, has announced the game is now free to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam. Not only that, but two new fighters have also been added to the roster, Sirus Quince uses illusions to confuse his opponents in battle while General Onimaru is a powerful swordsman who can unleash an unblockable special attack.

The great thing about Fantasy Strike going F2P is that you can play any character on the roster for free. You aren’t restricted to a handful of characters with others locked behind a paywall. The free mode allows players to partake in Online Casual, Online Ranked, Practice and vs. AI matches, while those who purchase the Core Pack pack will have access to a Boss Rush, Arcade, Survival and online friend matches as well. Those who purchase the Collector’s pack will also receive a year of the new Fantasy+ subscription. The subscription grants double XP and allow players to access new cosmetics and a Replay Theatre, that will not only allow them to rewatch their own matches but those of others with specific characters and skill levels.

“We worked tirelessly to find a way to maintain the competitive integrity of Fantasy Strike that our existing players love while opening it up to an even broader audience,” said David Sirlin, game director, Fantasy Strike. “We believe this free-to-play update continues our mission of crafting a fighting game that removes the barrier to being a contender, while also providing excellent value for those who want additional features and to support our work.”

If your keen on checking out Fantasy Strike, head to Steam, Nintendo eShop or Playstation Store and start downloading now.

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