Disintegration Giving Everyone A Free Taste This Weekend

Disintegration Giving Everyone A Free Taste This Weekend

Interested in playing Disintegration but unsure if the combination of FPS and RTS gameplay is really for you? Well, good news people, as this weekend Disintegration is going free to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Unlike most free-to-play weekends though, V1 Interactive and Private Division aren’t restricting potential players to multiplayer mode. Instead, anyone can choose what they want to play. Want to experience the single-player campaign in its entirety? Done. Want to have a crack at PvP in one or all three of the multiplayer modes? Done. You can choose to play as much or a little of the different modes as you want.  

Anyone who chooses to buy the full game during or after the free weekend will be able to get it at a 40% discount, and as an added bonus any progress you make during the free weekend will carry over to the full game when you buy it.

Those jumping into the free weekend will also gain the benefits of the latest patch to the game, introducing fixes to the Gravcycles to make them feel fast and more responsive, improved UI and other improvements.

When reviewing Disintegration Jess found “There’s fun to be had here, particularly in the multiplayer modes, but there are also a bunch of elements that aim too high and fall short and left me wanting more from the whole experience.” Hopefully, the improvements made since launch have helped rectify some of the problems she found. If you want to read the full review you can do so here

Disintegration Play For Free Weekend Schedule
PlatformAccessStart TimeEnd Time
PlayStation 4PlayStation PlusThursday, July 30, 9:00am PST/ Friday, July 31, 2:00am AESTMonday, August 03, 9:00am PST/ Tuesday, August 04, 2:00am AEST
Xbox OneXbox GoldThursday, July 30, 12:00am PST/ Thursday, July 30, 5:00pm AESTMonday, August 02, 11:59pm PST/ Tuesday, August 3, 4:59pm AEST
PC/Steamn/aThursday, July 30, 10:00am PST/ Friday, July 31, 3:00am AESTMonday, August 03, 10:00am PST/ Tuesday, August 04, 3:00am AEST

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