It’s Time for an Arkane Anniversary

It’s Time for an Arkane Anniversary

Bethesda and Arkane Studios are inviting fans to join the legion of Arkane Outsiders and take part in a celebration of Arkane Studios’ 20th anniversary.

Known more recently for a slew of games published by Bethesda (including the Dishonoured series, Prey, and the two spinoff Wolfenstein games Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot), Arkane has a small place in the history of ARPG and FPS games. Their upcoming game Deathloop was unveiled at E3 2019 to the curiosity of gamers who are looking forward to playing a time-looping, stealth, assassin game in the future.

Arkane Studios may be all in isolation like the rest of us at the moment, but they wanted to share their achievements in the industry with their fans, and have announced Arkane Outsiders as a new community for supporters. Players can log in using their Bethesda login to download a free copy of Arkane’s first game Arx Fatalis and a digital Art of Arkane art book.

Arx Fatalis was a hidden ARPG gem, unfortunately, released at the same time as Elder Scroll Morrowind, but was still an interesting first-person dungeon crawler that introduced us to Arkane’s fascination with weird worlds and stories that changes depending on your actions, leading to multiple endings. It may not be a remaster, but is certainly an interesting game to retain to contribute to the understanding of ARPGs today.

In addition to the fan community, Arkane Studios will be participating in AMAs on Discord and Reddit in the coming weeks as well as playthroughs of their game library on Twitch. Fans who join the Arkane Outsiders Discord group will also have the opportunity to design fan gear and goodies and win some pretty sweet prizes.

The full schedule is available on the Bethesda website.


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