Indie Boost – An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

Things have been tough for the indie scene this year. The impact of Covid19 and the subsequent cancellation of every games development/promotional activity has hit indie developers hard. This is where IndieBoost comes in. Player 2’s attempt to right that ship in a small way. Check out these titles folks and help Indie Developers to keep filling our lives with creativity and originality. 

Indie Boost – An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

Strap yourselves in Ladies and Gentlemen because this is easily the longest and most obscure title and description, I’ve ever had to write up for a game in my entire life … no really. Picture this, you and your Fiancé are the last two human beings in the entire galaxy (so it’s not like she could have done any better …). You’re separated and need to find your way back to one another, so you hit up the airport with the hopes of grabbing a ticket, jumping on a plane and Bing Bang Boom, you’re back in each other’s loving embrace once again … did we mention the airport is run by Dogs and is made for Aliens? Welcome to An Airport for Aliens currently run by Dogs or Dog Airport Game for short.

This game looks as fun and silly as the name suggests, the aim of the game is to follow the tasks, solve the puzzles, and make the Doggies happy so that they can give you what you want and let you be on your way! Each Doggo is a stock image filled with their own witty dialogue which completely sells the crazy concept that this game is selling.

Admit it, you’re more than curious at this point, so here is a link to get you all started!

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