Lazy Gaming – 5 Forgotten Gems Of Matt’s Past

Welcome to Lazy Gaming, a place where Player 2’s writers can fill in a quiet day while being as lazy as possible. After all, what is lazier than a “top 5” Video? How about a top 5 video based on an already written article? Double lazy right?

Lazy Gaming #5 – 5 Forgotten Gems Of Matt’s Past

Sometimes a game gets lost to the mists of time, forgotten by players as they move on to the next big thing. These games sit in virtual game shelves collecting virtual dust as the memory of the good times they provided slowly fades from the gaming community’s collective consciousness. But some of these games don’t deserve to be forgotten, they deserve celebration not fading into obscurity. So here are five games from my gaming past that are still wonderful to play today, games that should get another chance in the light and most importantly they are games that, while a little old and out-of-date compared to modern titles, still deserve a spot in your “recently played” list on your PC or console.

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