F2P Thursday – Warframe

F2P Thursday – Warframe

In this troubled time of self-isolation and hiding from an increasingly scary world, we here at Player 2 decided we wanted to shine a little bit of light into your week, something for people to get together and have fun with. So we decided on a regular Thursday stream on our Twitch Channel called F2P Thursday. Why free-to-play? Well, we want you to join in, join us for the fun. This is about everyone enjoying some free entertainment together to make life that little bit more enjoyable. So kicking off tonight we are starting with Warframe. If you would like to join us, we are playing on PC and players of all levels are welcome.

But how will you know our details? Well, to encourage more community spirit, we will be creating a Player 2 Community Discord Channel. A place where we can all just hang out, chat and spin stories. I can’t guarantee it will be the busiest place on the internet, but at least that is where we will be chatting during F2P Thursdays.

So join us in our Discord Server and on Twitch at 9 pm AEDT Thursdays and let’s have some fun together in these less than stellar times!

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