Playing Final Fantasy XIV’s Major Update for a Small Shark is Totally Worth It

Playing Final Fantasy XIV’s Major Update for a Small Shark is Totally Worth It

Square Enix’s popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, recently updated to version 5.2, dubbed ‘Echoes of a Fallen Star’, carrying a huge swag of new content for owners of the Shadowbringers expansion. Arguably, the most important addition comes in the form of a new minion, whose fearsome cuteness is unparalleled. Minor spoilers ahoy for those who wish to keep things a surprise.

Ocean Fishing for characters with the Fisher class is one of many new things in 5.2, which introduces multiple rewards for those who score well. You’ll have the opportunity to fish the high seas every two hours by speaking with Dryskthota on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. Once out on the water, points are awarded depending on how well your fishing voyage goes.

Playing Final Fantasy XIV's Major Update for a Small Shark is Totally Worth It

Racking up at least 5,000 points in a single outing nets two things: the ‘No More Fish in the Sea I’ achievement, and The Major-General, an adorable minion who happens to be a tiny shark with legs. Final Fantasy XIV’s minions are essentially little pets who follow you around, serving primarily a cosmetic purpose, but can also be used to play the ‘Lord of Verminion’ mini-game.

Just look at The Major-General. They are objectively perfect.

Playing Final Fantasy XIV's Major Update for a Small Shark is Totally Worth It

For those who are interested in the content beyond little shark pals, here are the patch notes for the Echoes of a Fallen Star 5.2 update:

  • New Main Scenario Quests – The acclaimed narrative of Shadowbringers continues, as the Warrior of Darkness and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn await such time when the Crystal Exarch might return them home.
  • New Raid: Eden’s Verse – The second chapter in the Eden raid series will feature challenging new battles in both normal and savage difficulties. Eden’s Verse introduces the character of Gaia, created by famed Final Fantasy developer Tetsuya Nomura.
  • New Dungeon: Anamnesis Anyder – Tackle this new challenge alongside fellow adventurers, or a party of non-player characters using the Trust system.
  • New Trial: Cinder Drift – The Ruby Weapon represents the latest advances in Garlean military technology, and can be challenged by players in both normal and extreme difficulties.
  • New Beast Tribe Quests – The Qitari will provide new quests geared towards Disciples of the Land classes.
  • New Chronicles of a New Era Quest “The Sorrow of Werlyt” – Discover the lore behind the new Weapon series, as the Garlean Empire seeks to break the stalemate with Eorzean forces by unleashing this culmination of its twisted experimentation.
  • Ocean Fishing – This Fisher-exclusive content will allow players to board a ship at specified times to enjoy fishing on the high seas, receiving experience and scrips based off the fish caught. Meeting certain conditions while aboard will grant all passengers the chance of a big haul!
  • Ishgardian Restoration Update (Patch 5.21) – The next update in this content for Disciples of the Hand and Land will feature gatherer-specific content in the Diadem, high-level crafting challenges, a new ranking system and more.
  • New “Resistance Weapon” Equipment Enhancement Quest Series “Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr” (Patch 5.25) – This new quest series will feature regular updates from Patch 5.2 onward, allowing players to obtain powerful equipment as they learn more about the Hrothgar homeland, the Bozja Citadel.
  • In-Game Adjustments – Players can expect to see several tweaks to Jobs, PvP Actions and New Game+ alongside several Crafter and Gatherer updates.
  • New Mounts, Minions, Hairystyle, Emote, Crafting Recipes, and more.

I’ll be providing ongoing coverage of Final Fantasy XIV in the coming weeks and months from the perspective of a new player who usually doesn’t play MMOs, so keep an eye out for the first article soon!

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