Gaming… With Pride!

Gaming… With Pride!

Queerly Represent Me, a not-for-profit organisation who promote inclusion, representation, and diversity in video games has expanded their brand. Having seen the demand for events that cover making, playing and sharing diverse games the team has announced Gaming With Pride, an umbrella under which all future events will take place.  

After running successful events over the last few years, the team at QRM wanted to connect their events by more than just intent. The Gaming With Pride brand will cover all past and future outreach events through QRM, with the intent that people will be able to find events they are interested in under the Gaming With Pride area of the QRM website and on Twitter @GamingWPride, as well as the current QRM social media channels.

With 2020 being just a few weeks away we will be likely to see announcements for 2020 events soon, and the team will be looking for volunteers, speakers and exhibitors so make sure you stay tuned to the Gaming With Pride and QRM social media for more details.

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