Ninja Theory Announces Mental Health Program – The Insight Project

Ninja Theory Announces Mental Health Program – The Insight Project

As a great many of us know, one of the greatest strains on your wellbeing can be mental illness, and thankfully in this modern age it’s being widely discussed and increasingly understood by the majority of the population. Following the release of their own project, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, a game that was wholly underpinned by the subject of Mental Illness, the developers at Ninja Theory decided that they weren’t done yet. 

Tameem Antoniades, co-founder and Creative Director at Ninja Theory has partnered with Psychiatrist and Professor of Health Neuroscience at University of Cambridge, Paul Fletcher, are collaborating on “The Insight Project” to dive deeper into the issues of mental illness, explore how it can be better represented in gaming and of course play a role in reversing the issue and stigmas around it. 

The project is in its infancy but by announcing it early, the hopes are to promote transparency and openness through its development. The goal is to create and inspire a movement and help mental health treatment to go mainstream. Gaming might be one of the best possible ways of accomplishing that.

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