The Weekly Wrap – 26th of August 2019

The Weekly Wrap – 26th of August 2019

Last week was all about Gamescom. We had more games news than you could poke a very large stick at. Of course, there were the conference summaries for both Opening Night Live and Inside Xbox, along with all the other bits and pieces we could ferret out from the show. But it wasn’t only about the big show. The team still managed to sneak some bits and pieces in. Shaun took Mutant Year Zero for a spin on the Switch, Matt returned with a new episode of Late Game Review and there was a spanking new episode of the P2 PixelCast.

So make sure you catch up with all the big news and get ready for a week of reviews and surprise from the Player 2 team.

Mutant Year Zero - Switch Review
Opening Night Live - Gamescom 2019
Opening Night Live Summary - Gamescom 2019
Inside Xbox - Gamescom
Inside Xbox - Gamescom Edition
Gamescom heads into the Wasteland
Gamescom heads into the Wasteland
Patched - Reviewing Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Final Fantasy Symphony Orchestra
Taking Final Fantasy to Another Level With a Symphony Orchestra
P2 Plays - The Cycle
Player 2 Plays - The Cycle ALPHA
NBA2K Gets Idris Elba
NBA 2K Gets the Sexiest Man Alive
The Avengers in Action
We Finally Get to See Nolan North, I Mean Captain America In Action
Erica Shadow Drops on PS4
Iron Harvest Release Date
We Now Know When We Can Reap The Iron Harvest
Disintegration Details Emerge from Gamescom
V1 Interactive & Private Division Announce Disintegration
Yakuza 3 Remastered Available Now
Yakuza 3 Remastered Available On PSN Now
Late Game Review - inFamous
Late Game Review - inFamous
Rainbow Game Jam 2019
The Insider - Playstation at Gamescom
P2 Plays - Halo Wars
Player 2 Plays - Halo Wars 2
P2 Plays - Gears Pop
The P2 PixelCast 16

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