Nothing Scares the Locust like Sweet Tats

Nothing Scares the Locust like Sweet Tats

People really love their favourite video game series right? So much so that they even go so far as getting a permanent reminder on their skin as to how much a particular game means to them. The crew at Xbox understands this passion pretty well because their latest promo it aiming straight at that love.

To celebrate the launch of Gears 5, Xbox will be running a series of Gears Ink events around the world, with one for Aussies in Melbourne. At the event, there will be the chance to go hands-on with Gears before it is released and some lucky folks will win a custom tattoo from Troy and Adam Slack. If tats aren’t your thing you will be able to get some COG designs cut into your hair thanks to Men’s Biz Barbers.

If this seems like your sort of event, make sure you head to the website and register your interest. Places are limited and you don’t want to miss out, do you?

Gears 5 is hitting PC and Xbox One on Sep 6 for Ultimate Game Pass subscribers with the rest of us getting it on the 10th.

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